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On this screen, you can complete tasks and missions in Frontier Mode to earn BP that gives you rewarsd.


A single battlepass is only valid for a certain period of time, referred to as a Period.
When this period expires, the battlepass's state (Tier, BP, BP Tasks, will be reset.) and a new battlepass will begin.
You can see the time left for a period in the top right of the Battlepass screen.
*Be aware that Battlepass periods and Potentiality periods don't always line up!

BP (Battle Points)

BP are points needed to earn rewards with your Battlepass.
There are two ways to get BP, missions and tasks.
Battle and turn-in missions will earn you BP.
There's no limit to how much BP you can earn this way, but the amount you gain is small.
BP Task
There are a number of BP tasks that will give you BP if you achieve them in the current Potentiliaty.
A task can only be completed once,
but there are daily tasks that will reset each day, and the others will reset at the end of a Potentiliaty.

Tiers and Rewarsd

Reaching a certain amount of BP will grant you access to a new tier, and new rewarsd.
There are normal and premium rewards, and premium rewards will only be received if you have a premium pass.
For eample, if you earn enough BP to get to Tier 3, you'll receive the Normal Tier 3 reward. If you have the Premium pass, you'll also receive the Premium Tier 3 reward.
If a period ends without you receiving rewards for a tier you've reached, unclaimed rewards will be sent to your Supply Drop.

Premium Pass-Coming Soon

* Premium passes are currently unavailable.
Premium passes can be bought with V-cash.
They are only effective for a single period, but provide the following bonuses.
・Premium Rewards
When you buy a Premium pass, you'll receive premium rewards for all tiers you receive.
・Purchasing Tiers
You'll be able to buy additional tiers with cash.
You can also buy a 1-time discount set.
(If you buy both a Tier set and a Battle pass at once, you won't be able to buy both.)
There is a limit to how many tiers can be purchased.
・Earn more BP
You will earn more BP when completing missions and BP tasks.