Play Guide


Here you can change your TSF's loadout and combat style.
You can also power up your TSF by equipping new parts earned during missions or at the maintenance bay.
*For more information on parts and weapons, see the “Types of Equipment” section in the section on TSFs.


Select the stats and combat style you want to prioritize and the game will automatically select the best loadout for you.

Item Lock

Set a lock on your favorite TSF parts or weapons.
Locked items can’t be dismantled or sold.
*Your initial set of items can’t be unlocked.

Properties and Skills

Lets you see the properties, skills, and setup effects of your current TSF.
It shows you the details of all the effects as well.

Save Loadout

Saves your current TSF loadout..
Once you've saved it, you can easily access the same loadout in the future.
You can also name your loadout..


These items will cause a TSF part to assume the appearance of another TSF,
while leaving its abilities intact.
You can click the eye icon in the bottom to go to the screen where you equip transmogs.
Transmog items will have a Tr- prefix, and an eye icon in their bottom right.