Play Guide

Maintenance Bay

Here you can dismantle, manufacture, or customize weapons or parts for your TSF.
You can also change the coloring or add emblems to customize your design.


Use crafting materials to manufacture parts or weapons.
You’ll only be able to get parts you’ve developed or previously acquired.
As your sortie level goes up the level of the parts you can manufacture will rise as well, but they will also cost more to manufacture.
You will, very rarely, get parts of a higher level or rarity. Properties are added at random.


Dismantle a part or weapon to get the materials you need for manufacturing and customization.
Rarer, higher-level items will give you more more materials.


Allows you to change the properties of an item you own to make them more powerful.
Properties can be added, as well as changed.
Add Property
Use materials and credits to add a single property to an item.
Up to one or two properties can be added, with the number depending on the type of equipment.
Rarer, higher-level equipment will require more materials and credits..
Change Property
Use materials and credits to change single property of an item.
Three properties will be randomly generated, and you can select the one you like.
After you change a property, you won’t be able to change any others for that piece of equipment. (You can still change the new one, though!)
Rarer, higher-level equipment will require more materials and credits..


Sell unneeded parts or weapons for credits.
Credits can be used to add or change properties.
Rarer, higher-level items will give you more more credits.

Batch Selection and Batch Selection Filter

You can batch select to select the top 100 items on the dismantle/sell screens.
You can also filter for certain types of items.
You can use a slide to select level, and also select rarity, type, weapons, generation, or doctrine.
Only filtered parts will be selected.


You can change the look of your Tactical Surface Fighter by changing its paint job, or adding emblems to it.
Note that emblems do not change its combat power.
Transmogged parts will have the decoration appear on the transmog.
Allows you to paint your TSF in your chosen color.
4 colors can be chosen for each of the 6 parts of your TSF.
Emblems can be added to the head, chest, arms, and legs.
Up to 5 emblems can be applied to any one part.
You can also put the same emblem on different parts of your TSF.

Item List

Let's you see all the items you own: TSF Parts, Weapons, Materials, Tickets, and Turn-In Items.

Item Transfer

Lets you send items (Parts, weapons) from CHRONICLE to a Potentiality or vice-versa.
Requires one ticket. There are three types of tickets.
Deploy Tickets
Allows you to transfer an item from Chronicle to a Potentiality.
Shared across all modes, and have no time limits.
Save Tickets
Allows you transfer an item from a Potentiality to Chronicle.
Usable until the current Potentiality closes.
Save/Deploy Tickets
Allows you send items both ways.
Shared across all modes, and have no time limits.
*Deploy and Save Tickets will be used before Deploy/Save tickets.
*There is no current in-game way to get tickets. We will be distributing them regularly until we put one into the game.