Play Guide


Set skills and view proficiencies and achievements.

Skill Tree

Use skill points earned in missions to acquire skills.
There are three types of skill points, for the blade, the assault cannon, and for hand-to-hand. Using the appropriate actions during a mission will gain you the skill point for that type.
Skills can improve stats, unlock combat styles, add actions, and do other things to help you win in battle.

Skill Settings

Allows you to set actions for each combat style.
More actions can be set are certain skills are unlocked.


Weapon types, TSF models, doctrines, TSF families, and special types all have their own proficiency.
Using a part in battle improvies all the proficiencies associated with it, and higher proficiencies will improve a part’s stats.

Achievements (Story Mode Only)

There are many different types of achievements, and unlocking them will earn you materials as a reward.
Here you can see each achievement, what's required to unlock it, what it will give you, and how close you are to getting it.
Rewards can be received from the Supply Drop on the main menu.

Reputation / Impressions (Frontier Mode Only)

Displays your reputation and impressions for the current potentiality.
Each mission you take will change your reputation with a faction and with an individual.
Reputation determines the types of missions that are on offer.