Play Guide


Basic Settings

Change controls, graphic settings, volume, etc.
Available Options
3D Graphic SettingsChoose between 3 options: Low, Normal, and High
FramerateChoose between 3 options: Low, Normal, and High
Vertical SyncTurn on to set the max FPS to the max your monitor can display.
ResolutionSelect size from 1024x576, 1280x720, or fullscreen.
BGMSet the volume of the background music..
SESet the volume of sound effects.
VoiceSet the volume of character voices.
Voice LanguageChange between English and Japanese voices.

Battle Control Settings

Available Options
Play GuideSee a video that explains the controls.
Set GamepadAllows you to assign button to your DirectInput device.
Battle KeybindingsAssign different buttons or keys to actions.
Movement OrientationLets you choose between orienting your movement in the direction of the camera, or the target.
Dash Only When Controls PressedWhen on, boost move will stop when input is released. When off, press in the opposite direction of the boost to stop it. (Advanced Setting)
Enable Low Speed BoostWhen on, boost will be the default move and the button must be pushed for low-speed input. The opposite is true when off.
Lock mode only active when input activeOnly turn on lock mode when holding down the button.
Target Lock on Battle StartTurns auto-lock on at the start of the battle.
High-speed target change when target destroyedWhen a target is destroyed, quickly switch to the next target.
Camera Control SensitivityAdjust camera sensitivity.
Camera Control Dead ZoneAdjusts the amount of input needed for camera control to register.
Swap Camera X AxisReverse the X Axis of the camera.
Swap Camera Y AxisReverse the Y Axis of the camera.

Battle Settings

Change options related to the battle section of the game.
Available Options
Radar OrientationChoose between North Up (stationary radar) and Heading Up (radar changes alongside your heading).
Jump ButtonHide or display the Jump Button
Attack Button SizeSet the size of the attack button.
Sticky BloodAllows you to turn off the BETA blood that sticks to your TSF. *Locked to OFF if 3D Graphics Quality is set to low.
Display DamageDisplay or hide damage values when you hit an enemy.